Lesson Three

Lesson Three focuses on programming. In this lesson you will learn:

  • Why we use digital technologies

  • About programming and bugs

  • To do some programming

The driving force behind digital technologies

Humans have used technology to come up with ways of improving their lives. How many things can you think of that you have used today that use digital technology?


To create the technology behind the Electric Garden, Rob the programmer wrote instructions for the Electric Garden. The instructions mean that the raw data collected by the Electric Garden is output as easy-to-read data on our devices (for instance, it shows us when soil moisture is getting low). We then analyse and use that data to grow larger vegetables! Rob’s instructions were in the form of code. This is called programming.

What is debugging?

Sometimes we make a mistakes in our programming that cause problems. These are called bugs! We can debug a program by finding and fixing the mistakes! The short video shows an example of a bug and how they fixed it.

Scratch Project

Open the Planting Seeds Scratch project. Scratch is a visual programming language that you can use to make animations and games! Follow these instructions for Scratch 2.0 or these instructions for Scratch 3.0 to create your own interactive growing seed animation.

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