Lesson Sixteen

If you’ve been growing pumpkins in your garden, they should be nearly ready to harvest. If you haven’t got any in the garden, you’ve probably noticed that more are about in the shops and at the markets!

There are lots of ways we can cook a pumpkin, but as technology changes in the future there might be even more ways! Take a look at this video about 3D printing food.


Take a look at this recipe for pumpkin pie. By yourself or in a group, design a 3D printer that would be able to print the pumpkin pie in this recipe. How many extruder heads would the printer need? What could the 3D printer look like? What changes could you make to the recipe to make it easier to 3D print? What would you need to do anything by hand (e.g. making pastry or putting things in the oven)?

Pumpkin Pie Scratch Game

A 3D printer would need to be coded before it could print food. Practise your coding skills by following these instructions to make a Pumpkin Pie memory game in Scratch.